Terms of use for the free API

These terms apply to the application programming interface ("API") for foaf-search.net provided free of charge by netEstate GmbH ("netEstate").
  1. Licence
    netEstate grants you a limited license to use the API in interactive applications. The license is not transferable, sublicensable or assignable. Use of the API for batch processing is allowed case by case. Please ask for permission if you want to do this.
  2. Attribution
    You agree to inform netEstate about any website or application that uses the API and display on them a clickable hyperlink to https://www.foaf-search.net/ with the link text "powered by foaf-search.net".
  3. Modification
    We may modify these terms of use from time to time. If you cannot agree or comply to changes, you have to stop using the API.
  4. Availability
    The service comes without any claim of availability and may be down for indeterminate periods of time.
  5. Termination
    netEstate has the right to revoke your access key, change or terminate the service at any time without notice.
  6. Indemnification
    You agree to hold harmless netEstate from any third party claim related to your use of the API.
  7. No warranties and no liability
    The service comes without any warranty and netEstate shall in no event be liable for damages connected with the use of the API.

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