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  • 2018-05-15: Switch to https - API users have to act
    We switched to https today. HTTP POST requests to the old http API URL will be redirected to https - with loss of the data transmitted via POST. API users have to change the URL they call from http to https

  • 2013-11-06: Relaunch
    We do not use a triple store any more - all important data is kept in a RDB. Documents related to a person are crawled on demand and cached up to 24h. The system can now display data on any dereferenceable URI.

  • 2011-01-19: Persons with the same weblog will be merged now
    We accept foaf:weblog as inverse functional property now which finally enables us to display the friends of livejournal users.

  • 2011-01-04: is more like a semantic web browser now
    A link "more data" now lists all available other data including data about things without a foaf:name.

  • 2010-08-23: Support for RDFa added
    Our crawler can index RDF in XHTML (RDFa) now.

  • 2010-08-12: now has a free API
    We now offer a free RESTful API to search though our social graph. Check out the Link "API" in the navigation.

  • 2010-08-06: Support for OpenID added
    Persons can now be found with their OpenID and will be merged if they have the same OpenID.

  • 2010-06-28: Search for persons with same interest
    The list of interests now has links to a list of persons with the same interest.

  • 2010-06-22: Improved search for names
    The search for names is now much faster, yields more results and does not require full names any more. You can use a part of the name as long as it is a whole word.

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