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You can use the input field above to search through millions of interconnected persons, organisations and places in the semantic web. Enter the name, e-mail, nick, homepage, openid, mbox-hash or URI of the person, organisation or place you are searching.

Top types:

Agent   Living people   Whole   Q5   Q215627   Q5   Person   Dbo:Location   YagoGeoEntity   Contestant   Agent   Object   Person100007846   Abstraction   Work   YagoLegalActor   YagoPermanentlyLocatedEntity   NaturalPerson   _Feature   Place   Spatial Thing   Person   Populated place   Settlement   Living thing   CreativeWork   Territory   Organization   Agent   Athlete   Organism   Agent   User Account   Location   Q215627   Person   Person   Winner   Dbo:Wikidata:Q532   Place   Physical entity   Person   Organization   Administrative district   Thing   Location   Geographical area   Artifact   Causal agent   Region  

Top interests:

The beatles   Manga   Lord of the rings   Anime   Taking back sunday   Drawing   History   Photography   Music   Slash   Books   Sex   Movies   Swimming   Writing   Sleeping   Icons   Boys   Food   Supernatural   Computers   Star trek   Video games   Cooking   Fanfiction   Doctor who   Coffee   Rain   Art   Harry potter   Shopping   Fashion   Star wars   Reading   Музыка   Chocolate   Dancing   Love   Mythology   Roleplaying   Science fiction   Firefly   Čats   Friends   Vampires   Stars   Fantasy   Poetry   Tattoos   Singing  

New: Relaunch

We do not use a triple store any more - all important data is kept in a RDB. Documents related to a person are crawled on demand and cached up to 24h. The system can now display data on any dereferenceable URI.
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Friend of a friend (FOAF) is a decentralized social network using semantic web technology to describe persons and their relations in a machine readable way. The Friend of a friend vocabulary can also be used to describe groups, organisations and other things.

Everybody can create a Friend of a friend profile describing himself and whom he knows. This profile can be published anywhere on the web. Many social networking websites publish the openly accessible information of their members with Friend of a friend. DBpedia uses it to publish data about persons in Wikipedia.

If you want to create a profile right away, you can use FOAF-a-Matic

More information can be found on the FOAF project website, on Wikipedia or in the specification.

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